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The other Castlewood Canyon State Park - a phototour

Most visitors to Castlewood Canyon State Park never end up visiting the best side of the park – or even know that the park extends far to the east of the highway.  I think it is because the entrance is not well marked – a dirt trail extending off the paved sidewalk leading to the canyon overlook at the Visitor’s Center.  None the less, it is well exhibited on all the maps of the park and worth your time to explore.

The trail takes in some magnificent views, but the magical experience of following a side canyon to where it meets the plain above permits by its varied topography ample enjoyment for the artist as much as enthusiasts of the geological and biological sciences.

It is a truly quiet place, and a rare glimpse at the paradise that existed for the first settlers of Douglas County – or, indeed of Colorado.  The Park is situated only a few miles from where gold was first found and the first settlement made by American colonists.
The trail leads first under the highway
The trail then leads along the canyon rim.  Little or no improvement is made to the natural features - it is a very natural path.
The trail then dips into the canyon below, and follows the creek a while.
The creekbottom, though bounded by steep cliffs, has all the appearance of a meadow.  Here songbirds can be seen.
The path then finds its way into a side canyon, and follows the sheer cliffs for a while, presenting numerous interesting features for students of geology.
Dangerous wildlife can sometimes appear on or near the trail. Caution is appropriate.
The side canyon is thickly forested, with water seasonally flowing. However, there are plenty of secure places to ascend the natural stairs. Watch for the poison ivy, which grows abundantly in places.
The trail ascends to the plain above and at the rim the bare rock’s trail is marked only by cairns.  There are plenty of nice places to stop and rest, and observe the mountains, and listen to the plainsbirds, or undertake study of the interesting pebbles.  Ancient trees are pleasant.  
Lizards, amphibians (such as this toad), chipmonks and numerous other small animals are utterly unafraid of people due to the rareness of our species there.  Be careful not to step on them!
The path winds through the plains a little, giving ample opportunity to compare the canyon with the transition zone of the rim and the surrounding plains.  Numerous wildflowers are delightful in the warmer months.
The path begins to wind toward the side canyon again, exploring the transitional rim area.  The cairns are sometimes the only way to discern the disused path. The seclusion and loneliness of the area is magical.
The path begins to circle around again, and you are able to follow the side canyon all the way to the beginning, presenting a perfect perspective of the plains to canyon transition.  Pure beauty hints at an eden long buried under the nearby cities of Douglas County: Castle Rock, Parker, and indeed all of Colorado are poorer – in both spiritual and very economic terms - for fewer such natural areas conserved.

West Nile Virus - real risks permanent disability

     West Nile is a dangerous disease which presents real risks of incapacitation for victims.  10% of victims become permanently disabled as a result of the disease.  It is most frequently sustained during August and September. 
     West Nile is expressed in two phases: an initial self-limiting phase, which may have no symptoms, and a secondary phase of neurological damage.
During the initial phase, 20% of victims will develop symptoms of fever, headache, body aches, joint pains, eye pain, vomiting, disorientation, diarrhea, muscle spasms, or rash.  Approximately 1% of the victims suffer encephalitis or meningitis, 10% of them dying.  Symptoms are typically very, very painful.
The second phase afflicts all victims - even the 80% of victims without initial symptoms.
During the second phase, victims will experience chronic fatigue, chronic pain, stupor, muscle spasms, palsy, lack of coordination, disorientation, emotional instability, attentional disability, cognitive impairment, memory impairment, balance problems, joint pain and tremors.
The second phase may last for weeks, months, years – or even remain permanently depending on the victim’s ability to heal from the virus’s deleterious effects on their nervous system.
Approximately 15% of victims (regardless of the severity of initial symptoms) experience severe symptoms during this second phase.
     University of North Dakota researcher Dr. Paul J. Carson, MD reported in Clinical Infectious Diseases that “patients with ‘milder’ illness - that is, non-hospitalized patients with West Nile fever - demonstrated equivalent rates of these abnormalities.”
     For victims who survived the encephalitis or meningitis, polio-like paralysis is a real and present risk.
     Fever symptoms begin quickly, and may render a person who is otherwise not experiencing discomfort utterly unconscious within 15 minutes.
There is no treatment for the disease and no vaccine to prevent it.  Supportive treatment is typically prescribed to address symptoms. 
It is recommended to avoid mosquito bites, as infection typically occurs when a victim is bit by an infected mosquito.  However, as anyone who has had experience with mosquitoes knows, repellants, nets and other devices merely reduce the risk of mosquito bite and do not prevent it.
     West Nile is also spread by blood transfusion, although screening typically prevents this infection.  Screening has already prevented transmissions this year.  Breast feeding and organ transplants also have resulted in transmission. 
     Birds are especially sensitive to the disease: if you observe many dead birds, notify your local health department.  The virus also affects horses, and horse owners should take precautions to protect their horses from mosquito bites.
     Drs. Lara Jeha and Cathy A. Sila of The Cleveland Clinic explain the history of this fearsome disease: “Since its first isolation in the West Nile district in Uganda in 1937, WNV has become endemic throughout Africa and areas of the Middle East, where the prevalence of WNV antibody among children is 3.5% to 8%. Since the mid-1990s, numerous epidemics have also occurred in Europe. WNV was first recognized in the Western hemisphere in August 1999 when a report of 62 patients with meningoencephalitis, sometimes associated with weakness, was published in New York. An exponential increase in WNV activity in the United States was observed, with at least 3737 cases and 201 fatalities in 2002. Since its introduction, the virus has spread West and South to involve the majority of the continental United States.”

     Residents of Loveland and Fort Collins have been infected with West Nile, a fearsome disease which can have little or no outward symptoms or still causing permanent damage to the brain.  CSU has reported abnormally high populations of mosquitoes known to spread West Nile in the area, but has not reported an uptick in infections yet.

Now we live with Evil dolls - Iain Thomas is in Japan

By Iain Thomas - - - Much like the ever gaudier and grander Christmas trees we welcome in December, late March and early February sees the appearance of a special decoration in Japan—the hinadan. A red, collapsible staircase, the hinadan houses a cast of 15 dolls numbering 1 prince, 1 princess, 2 ministers, a band of 5 minstrels, and two sets of 3 servants—one for the prince, one for the princess. These dolls represent the royal court in all its splendor and are passed on to the young daughters of each new generation in a family. Accordingly, the day is a time to mark the importance of girls and femininity in general.
     But why?
     That question takes us back to the days of the Heian Period (794-1185 AD). Throughout Japan, a special purification ritual was annually performed in villages. The local priest would imbue wads of straw with the village's evil and chuck them into the river to float downstream and become someone else's problem.
     But they hit a snag. Girls in the villages began to play with the wads of straw, eventually decorating them and turning them into dolls. Rather than dissuading them, parents encouraged this behavior. The clothing became more elegant. Faces appeared. Straw was replaced with more craft-friendly materials. In some regions the custom of floating dolls down the river remains; but, for the most part, the dolls are here to stay now.
     In fact, it's tricky to dispose of a hinamatsuri doll. As my students have attested, throwing one away invites possible curses. Likewise with pawning it. The only surefire way to get rid of a doll is to go to a local shrine and entrust it to a priest.
     With what bright expressions and clothing they have, one wonders why that is.

Elizabeth Mayor Hurst hard at work

By Aaron Brachfeld - - - It was a privilege to watch Judge Hurst work today in Douglas County Court.  The Mayor of Elizabeth is also the First Appearance Judge of Douglas County, meaning that criminals get to see him first. 
     Hurst’s style is definitely modern and progressive, with an eye toward reform and prevention as a means to reduce the increasingly burdensome caseload on our Judiciary.  But it would be inaccurate to describe it as merciful: fair would be a better word.  In the three cases I observed, consideration was made fully toward the letter of the law with an understanding that its intention was to be applied conservatively.
     He seemed to hesitate at exerting the fullness of his power, and managed to treat every party with the utmost respect – as a servant of the People.

     I would encourage everyone to stop by the First Appearance Courtroom of Douglas County to see your Mayor hard at work, presenting a fine example of Justice – but not from the perspective of the accused, of course!

When the CMA came to town

1983. I was the DJ/asst. Manager for that was the Premier Country and Western Nightclub in Washington D.C.; Bronco Billy's Goodtime Saloon. Up the street and around the corner was another premier nightclub for the New Wave Crowd called the Annex. The DJ in their and would trade albums back and forth for each to review for our perspective clubs. We would then discuss which moved us and which flopped. We had a rate success rate of 90%. It was there I met Laura Brannigan who gave me a dozen roses because I "looked hot dressed as a mortician".
The dress code for me at BB was black trousers, white ruffled formal shirt, black string tie and a Stetson. My outfit was that but I wore a black suit coat and a black stetson and black books.
The owner of BB was a former Penthouse Pet who could have the vocabulary of a sailor. We tangled a few times, but that was just a part of the job. He biggest freakout was when I came in one day and vacuumed all the white powder on the bar. See, they had parties after hours and this one and only time they forgot to clean up afterwards so about $1,000.00 of coke went into the Hoover.
The other time she had an absolute conniption was when the Country Music Association (CMA) came to town to hold their awards at D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution) Constitution Hall. It was one of the first times that had ever happened.
One day, I knew something was afoot when she called me by the bar name she gave me; Dudley Do-Right. Be it for a run to the CVS for Cotton Ponies or to the Pleasure Chest because she needed a new BOB, she would call me by that name.
This day she helped me take two boxes to my car, handed me addresses, names, and locations of some of the Managers of Country and Western Acts. The plan was to go to these people, talk up the bar, and maybe get some free advertising on a National Level.
I am supposed to drive up to the Ritzy Hotels in my beat up to Hell 1972 Chevrolet Kingswood Estate Station Wagon. I brought that to her attention hoping I could use her fiances Cadillac. No dice, she says. She went on to say "I have heard you in action. You could talk the Devil out of his Gold."
So, me and mine went around to the Hotels delivering the goods and amazingly I actually got on the floors where the acts were staying. I would come off the floors and get mobbed by fans. Why? I am nobody, but i signed books with my "Snakes having an Orgy" signature.
Back at the club, I set up for happy hour, tossed in a tape, and prepared for the evening.
Bronco Billy's was not really that big, maybe 6,000 square feet. The bar occupied one end of the club like a fortress. It was oblonged shape and could serve people on either side.
The bar itself used to be a Disco so the walls were covered in mirrors. Some were regular mirrors and others were little squares, like the pole which was in the middle of the dance floor. There was a bandstand, if you wanted to call it that, where the bands set up. 5 members and their equipment would fit. It was cozy, but they fit. Plus the stand was only curb height off the floor. Some parts of the club you could reach up and touch the ceiling.
What was above the club? Part of the Anthony House Hotel and an Alley.
The furniture in the club was couches, tables, chairs and stand ups.
This one night was very crowded with a line snaking out the door. Members of the CMA (and performers) were coming to the club. Tiffany, the Manager/Owner of BB was pleased for the turnout for she thought my journeys produced results. I wasn't going to burst her bubble and remind her our nearest competition was in Rockville, Maryland.
As the evening wore on, I was called over to a table which was covered in beer bottles. The man introduce himself as Raymond Hicks, Road Manager for the Oak Ridge Boys. He invited me to join him and a long haired dude with a beard whom I recognized as Bill Golden. We talked for a bit and Bill said, "You know a lot of women in here.". "I know". What else could I say? It was then a friend walked over and said, "Is that Bill Golden. Gary?"
"Yeah. Just a regular guy having a beer. Bill, this is my friend strawberry."
"I like eating Strawberries" he says. She melts. I roll my eyes, they depart.
"Have you ever been to a rehearsal of the CMA before?" No, I replied. "You have been now. Go to the side door of the DAR and tell the Guard you are a guest of me. Be there at 8 am"
I look at the empty beer bottles and go, "Yeah, right", but I agree to meet him tomorrow at the DAR.
I did not get up until 7:45 the next day.
My schedule usually consisted of having Supper when people were having breakfast (thank goodness for Ihop) sleeping when people were working, breakfast when people were having Supper, and lunch/work when people were sleeping. I went as far as to nail shoes to the ceiling and I had a floor length cape an ex gf made tossed over a chair. The only thing I was lacking was candles and Gregorian Chanting.
I got to the DAR at 8:30. Walked up to the guard and told him who I was, Keep in mind there are hundreds of people there trying to get a glimpse of someone, anyone. The guard gave his best "Yeah, sure" smile and went inside.
He came back out, opened the door with a flourish and said, "You are LATE, sir".
The fuck? Raymond kept his word?
I walk in and there he is, hands on hips, and he says, "Where have you been? I hope she was worth it. People are expecting you!"
Wait. I work in a nightclub with a dance floor insiders call Postage Stamp size. It is run by a former Penthouse Pet whose boobs alone bring in money from guys who drool. I am nobody.
And I am late.
"JOHN" he shouts bringing me out of my reverie. Over walks John Schneider, "Dukes of Hazzard" star and singer. "Is this him? Is this the man?" John at that time was built like a small mountain and his handshake could of bent rails. We talked and then Raymond led me to the auditorium. "You are asked to judge the next act."
I had been to the DAR before when Paul Simon came to town. I was, however, up high, not front row. On stage was Ronnie Milsap and Ray Charles. Ray asked if the DJ was here.
"Yes" I squeaked. They both laughed and Ray said, "Overcome buy our awesomeness! I didn't think Marines squeaked."
How did he know that. Oh, I told Ray.
They did their bit and remarked they were the only act that did not use cue cards. For those who are not in the know, both performers are blind. After my critique, I went back to the "lobby and got coffee and a doughnut.
Performers were walking by, saying hello, asking which of their songs got the best response, and all this time I felt as though I was way out of my element.
A beautiful young lady touched me on my arm and said, "Excuse me, sir, Mr Autry wants a word with you." Gene Autry wants a word with me. What could go wrong?
Say what?
"Sir, these are..."
I am getting my ass chewed by a legend. Hank Williams is standing there along with Tanny Wynette and the look in their eyes spoke of sympathy. As if they had been there as well.
At this point, I need normal people. The young lady leads Gene away and I am just not myself. I see a bunch of guys sitting on packing crates, eating from McDonald's bags. I go over to them and say, "This is going to sound weird, but can I join you?"
One guy said, "I heard the ass chewing. Here, we have more food than we know what to do with."
So, here am I, chowing down on Big Macs, Fries, Slurping down Ice Cold Cokes, swapping tales with these people. All was going great until a little old lady approached us. She appeared to be 90 if she was a day.
"I enjoyed everybody’s performance. May I have everybody’s autograph?"
Sure, replied one of the guys. They took her book and passed it around. When they got to me, I refused and one of them said, "She wants everybody’s autograph." I signed it, handed it to her and she thanked us all.
I laughed and said, "When the time comes and I cannot tell the difference between the roadies and the stars, someone shoot me."
The guy next to me put his finger against my head and said, "Bang."
I looked at him and said, "Trying to be funny, wise guy?"
Another guy said, "Look at us roadies again."
I did. Once, Twice, by the third time I realized I had stepped in shit all the way up to my ass.
I was eating with Alabama, at the time one of the most popular bands around, and Randy Owens shot me in the head.
From then on it was a blur. I do not remember much except at the bar, Tiffany came in breathing fire. She was mad and upset. Her cousin, who also worked at the bar, and I were going other the next days liquor order.
"What's wrong, Tiff?" She asked.
"I tried to get into the rehearsal. They said no. I tried to get into the Awards itself, No. Invite only for it as well. I did everything I could, but could not get in."
Her cousin pointed at me, "He got in."
"You got in? To the rehearsal? And you didn't tell me?"
"I got the invite last night, you weren't here and I do not have your number."
"Plus he got an invite, with front row seats for two. But he turned them down so he could work tonight."
Now she was pissed. She got close to me and hissed, "I would of fucked your eyeballs out if I had known." She got closer and said, "Next time, tell me." and she stomped away yelling, "I HATE YOU DUDLEY DO-RIGHT! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YOU ARE A PIECE OF WORK!" She spun around and said to the stunned crowd, "He got invited to the Rehearsal and the show. He turned down the show SO HE COULD COME TO WORK!"

What can I say? It’s fun though.

2 Difficult Rescues in RMNP – at the Pool and Emerald Lake

By Kyle Patterson - - - July 19, at 7:30 p.m. park rangers were notified via cell phone that a 13-year-old female from Estes Park had suffered a leg injury roughly a half mile northwest of The Pool in rugged Forest Canyon in Rocky Mountain National Park.   Her father had climbed to higher ground and was fortunate to get cell phone coverage.
     Rocky Mountain National Park Search and Rescue Team members reached her and her father between 1:30 to 2:00 a.m. this morning.  It was difficult to find the patient in steep, rugged, off trail terrain.  The general area had also been impacted by the Fern Lake Fire, which posed additional challenges for rescuers to traverse through this area after dark.    
     A technical raise was used to bring the patient roughly 150 to 200 feet up and over a rock cliff to a flat bench area where a landing zone had been constructed.  The patient was flown from the area to the Upper Beaver Meadows helispot at 4:30 p.m. today.  She was taken by ambulance to Estes Park Medical Center.
     Park search and rescue team members were assisted by the Northern Colorado Interagency Helitack Crew.  This helicopter crew assisted with reconnaissance and extraction of the patient from the area.  Over 30 park personnel were involved in this incident as well as one member of the Alpine Rescue Group. 
     Because the patient is a juvenile her name and her father’s name will not be released.
     As park rescue personnel were finishing the Forest Canyon rescue they were notified at 5:15 p.m. by cell phone of a 43-year-old woman, hometown unknown, with a leg injury near Emerald Lake.   Park search and rescue personnel reached her at 7:45 p.m. A team carried her out on a wheeled litter.  They are expected to reach the Bear Lake Trailhead by 10:00 p.m.  She will be taken by ambulance to Estes Park Medical Center.  Twenty park personnel are involved in this incident.

Rocky Mountain National Park a little bigger now

By Kyle Patterson - - - Completing a land protection effort that began in 2012, the Rocky Mountain Conservancy (Rocky Mountain National Park’s nonprofit partner ) announced today that it has transferred the Johnson Property to Rocky Mountain National Park.
     In 2012, Rocky Mountain National Park identified the private inholding known as the Johnson Property as a high priority for acquisition and enlisted the Conservancy’s assistance to raise the needed funds. The 3.89 acre parcel is located on the park’s west side in the scenic Kawuneeche Valley, home of the headwaters of the Colorado River, and within view of the Continental Divide Trail. More than 900 donors contributed to the $400,000 project to purchase the Johnson Property so that it could be transferred to RMNP for permanent protection. The property was purchased by the Conservancy in February 2013.

Now that the transfer is complete, the park will remove several small structures, power lines and a one-mile access road. The land will be returned to its natural state, enhancing valuable wildlife habitat and improving the visitor experience.

“The addition of this property to Rocky Mountain National Park continues the legacy of community support and individual philanthropy established by Enos Mills, F.O. Stanley, Mary Belle King Sherman and others who founded this park.” said Charles Money the Conservancy’s executive director, “This is especially significant in this, the park’s centennial year.”

According to Superintendent Vaughn Baker, “We appreciate the continued support of the Conservancy to preserve this special place for the benefit of current and future generations.”

The Rocky Mountain Conservancy has an ongoing Land Protection Fund, which sets aside money for future land protection efforts. Often, property sales by willing owners have a short time-frame for acquisition for protection. This fund allows the organization to move quickly to purchase available parcels. Donations are always welcome and needed.

Since 1994, 18 parcels of land have been acquired for permanent protection in and around Rocky Mountain National Park. With the help of donors, the Conservancy has purchased a number of these including:

Johnson Property, $400,000
Jennings Tract, $78,000
Roessler Tract, $415,000
Adams Tract, $280,000
Sleepy Hollow, $315,248
Miller Tract, $1.02 million
Fahy Tract, $846,000
Kueker Tract, $600,000
Owens-McMahon Tract, $300,000

Funds received by the Conservancy from the transfer of the land to the park will be applied to future land acquisition projects.

Bernie Sanders looked pretty spiffy

By Ali Vail - - - For the record, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) looked pretty spiffy.   Wearing a light blue shirt, navy blazer, his hair neatly combed, he is comfortable in his own skin.
The crowd in the gymnasium at University of Denver’s Ritchie Center had reached its capacity of 3,000. 
But they were still coming, and the remaining 2,500 waited in the atrium and a nearby lacrosse field for the man of the hour to arrive.  They came alone and as families.  Grandparents, babies and all ages in between, and I wondered how they might otherwise have spent this beautiful summer evening.
In the gym, the music of Neil Young played.  The crowd spontaneously started “the wave” using Bernie for President posters.  Then the chanting began:  “Ber-nie, Ber-nie, Ber-nie”.  They were not impatient waiting for Senator Sanders to arrive.  The mood was jovial and there was a sense of history in the making.  Wait!  Here he comes down the aisle near me… I moved in to get closer but he had already passed.  He saw me out of the corner of his eye though, and backtracked a bit to come shake my hand. 

Candidate Bernie Sanders has been talking about the same themes for over 30 years, since his days as Mayor of Burlington, VT.  Themes that resonate with the middle class.  Income inequality, free college education for all citizens regardless of age, pay parity for women, minimum wage at $15/hour, single payer healthcare, “free” trade and off shoring, money in politics, climate change.  He recognizes the reality of politics, and makes only one campaign promise:  there will be a litmus test for any Supreme Court nominee to re-hear and repeal the Citizens United decision.  The Koch brothers were mentioned often and booed by the crowd.  Ultimately, it comes down to this:  “ I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS NOT UTOPIAN THINKING TO SAY THAT EVERY MAN, WOMAN, AND CHILD SHOULD HAVE HEALTH CARE. IT IS NOT UTOPIAN THINKING TO SAY THAT WORKING FAMILIES SHOULD HAVE QUALITY, AFFORDABLE CHILDCARE. IT IS NOT UTOPIAN THINKING TO SAY THAT COLLEGE EDUCATION SHOULD BE AVAILABLE TO ALL. [APPLAUSE] WE CAN DO THESE THINGS AND MORE. WE CAN CREATE THE GREATEST NATION THAT ANYONE HAS EVER SEEN. [APPLAUSE] IF WE STAND TOGETHER. IF WE DO NOT LET PEOPLE DIVIDE US BY RACE, BY WHETHER WE WERE BORN IN AMERICA OR BORN IN MEXICO, WHETHER WE ARE GAY OR STRAIGHT. [APPLAUSE] I LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU ALL. IN CREATING THE POLITICAL REVOLUTION THAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS.”

Uncompromised integrity of Robert Rowland and Kelly Dore

     Elbert County Commissioner Kelly Dore, who was recently warned by DORA for practicing medicine without a license, and Elbert County Commissioner Robert Rowland, found guilty of elections violations and misuse of public funds, have taken a stand against lying.  We at the Herald are encouraged that these habitual liars who have obstructed public oversight in so many ways have apparently learned the error of their ways and are turning over a new leaf.
     Five days after publication of last month’s issue of the Herald describing her misconduct, Kelly Dore wrote on her facebook page that she was “feeling blessed” as she reflected upon “that moment when you realize that you weren't elected to be liked by everyone or to make decisions based on getting reelected. Being a Public servant is to always do what is right and never compromise on your integrity.  I began this journey 6 months ago today and I am proud to say we are building relationships that were broken down and are bringing our small county to a light which we have never seen.”
     Robert Rowland responded to the post with encouragement.  “Yes we are, for those who see past the lies of the radical, dishonest Democrat leader and her lapdog local print media. Results speak the truth, and our direction and progress speaks for itself. Its good to have two of us who are willing to reject the radicals lies, the rest will be judged accordingly!”
     Kelly Dore apparently deeply reflected on this statement before responding with a new self-critical insight.  “That is true too, but my statement was a blanket one about both parties. I am unwilling to stand up for anything but what is right and transparent, regardless of who is spreading misinformation, even if that means calling out the same side as me too.”
     This seemed to strike a chord with Robert Rowland.  “Agree, but the outright assault of untruths is currently coming from the group I describe. Where we conservatives are falling short is letting their intentional attacks on anything positive happening go without challenge or being held accountable. Everyone needs to be held to the test of truth, failure to expose liars allows misinformation to dominate the conversation. Their intent us clear, our failure to push back is not.”
     Kelly Dore was unavailable for comment, having unfriended the editors of the Herald, and blocked our email address with an automatic bounceback.
     Comment was sought from Robert Rowland on July 28:
1) What lies are you specifically responding to?
2) Is the dishonest Democrat leader you refer to Jill Duvall, who brought the complaint against you in Court that resulted in the $1000 fine?
3) What is the positive that is happening which is being attacked?
4) What truth would you share to result in the "accountability" you seek and "expose liars"?
5) What will you be doing to "push back?"

     A followup story will be printed when Mr. Rowland responds.