An American Problem

by Vic Meyers - - - In 2011 there began to be a surge of children coming to America, and other countries, seeking refuge from the drug-lords, rape and murder in Central America.  The numbers are now at a crisis point as our government doesn’t have the resources committed to dealing with so many refugees.    We don’t have enough judges and courtrooms for all of the cases that need to be heard.  We don’t have the social services personnel to deal with so many cases and we don’t have enough facilities to house all of these children.

        This is currently being talked about as an American problem but the fact is that other countries, including Mexico, Belize, and Panama are also seeing an influx of children seeking asylum.  This is an international problem and America is in the international spotlight as we deal with it.  Unfortunately, we’re not looking very good in this spotlight.  Like so many things these days, America has an opportunity to lead the world but we can’t because our politicians are too busy jockeying to get their talking points out on the Sunday talk shows.

        Our current congressman is doing the partisan thing and blaming President Obama.  Even though he’s now running for the U.S. Senate he can’t break away from the hold of the extremists in his party and look for solutions rather than name-calling.  He’s forgetting that bi-partisan Immigration Reform passed the Senate over a year ago and he hasn’t called upon his party leaders to take it up for a vote.  Congress also seems to have forgotten the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, which was signed into law on December 23, 2008 by President George W. Bush.  This law was passed by voice vote in the House and unanimous consent in the Senate.  Among other things, it provides a legal framework for evaluating and helping children from Central America who come to our border seeking safety.  It wasn’t a partisan issue in 2008.

        This issue won’t be in the spotlight for much longer.  In our 24-hour news cycle media there is sure to be drunken celebrity or spoiled athlete to draw the attention away any day now.  I think it is important for candidates to speak out specifically on this issue while it is still in the minds of the voters.  I hope the media will ask congressional candidates for specifics on how they think this crisis should be dealt with. 

As for me, I believe we should be treating these children as refugees because this is a humanitarian crisis that is being compounded by the political crisis of American partisan politics.  America is the richest and most powerful nation on Earth.  We have the resources to deal with these children in a way that is befitting of our stature and our history.  Congress should allocate the funds necessary to handle this problem.  In the meantime, President Obama and Sec. Kerry should be working hard with other nations affected by this problem to bring about change in the countries these children are fleeing from.  Our Senate and House members need to lay down their swords and become statesmen and stateswomen for a day.  That’s as long as it would take to solve this problem if they really wanted to.

Vic Meyers is a candidate for Congress, and has been endorsed by the Herald.

Volume 5 Issue 33

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No place for confrontation

The Herald welcomes new news photographer, Jason Roberts, as we expand coverage along the Front Range.

Relax - clean up the trash

We must all lead by example.  No matter what you do, become good at it, become good by it.  Do good, be good.  Grow stronger, smarter, more compassionate with every day.  Apply your strength to the duties of compassion required by love.  Motivated by non-violence and love toward perfect honesty, clean up the trash - within your heart, and your world.  Relax, and take time for yourself - grow strong through selfless love.  Then look about you to those leading by example, and help them... and also help all those others who, like you once were, are not yet strong enough to help. 

Thanks to Volunteers cleaning up trash (and recycling recyclables)
along roads adopted by Sri Venkateswara Temple of Castle Rock, Colorado and adopted - and unadopted - parks and roads everywhere

Music donated by Eloy Oliviera: check out his channel at

videography donated by Brooke Michelson and Aaron Brachfeld

A collaborative effort by the Meadowlark Herald, Eloy Oliveira, and Loka Hatha Yoga for the Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple of Castle Rock...

Colorado Appeals Court to Secretary of State: no need to register businesses

by Aaron Brachfeld - - - For small business owners in Colorado, beginning their business meant registering their business with the Secretary of State before beginning business.  And renewing that registration every year.  Doing so is necessary to opening a bank account, or even paying taxes – and according to the Secretary of State, is a necessary prerequisite to conducting business in Colorado. 

        However, in a recent Opinion, the Appeals Court determined that there is in fact no need to register a business in Colorado before beginning business.

        Because of its recent nature, it is unclear at this time the implications of this Opinion.  However, allegations of fraud have already been made against the Secretary of State who has required small business owners across the State to pay sometimes $20 to register their business – and $5 annually to renew it.

        Some local business owners, like Mr. and Mrs. Lister who own the Ranchland News exemplify the kind of foresight that is rewarded by this decision: they have owned and operated the Ranchland News without registering the name for years – they accept payment made to Lister to avoid the difficulty of opening a bank account for a non-existent business, and presumably pay taxes on Ranchland income similarly on their personal taxes. 

        But other local business owners, like myself, for example (I own the Meadowlark Herald), may simply find they are “out” fees wrongly paid to the Secretary of State.  I spoke with a random sample of Elizabeth and Kiowa area businesses, and found they all had registered their businesses with the Secretary of State.  But after the recent Appeals Court decision, probably won’t any more.

        The Opinion has a local origin, when the Meadowlark Herald made complaint that legal notices were not being published correctly: Elbert County was publishing legal notices in Arapahoe County’s Elbert County News (it is printed and published so far away that two county lines must be passed by its delivery trucks when its papers are distributed to Kiowa)… and prior to that with the non-existent Ranchland.

        With a Federal Court and District Court having declared Elbert County’s zoning regulations as “fictional” and finding that a fraud was knowingly perpetrated on the public of Elbert County since at least 1983, and other shocking findings by Courts (see our past coverage regarding Elbert County’s corruption on our website), it seemed that this was just one more example of the contempt Elbert County had for State regulations.

        But the Colorado Appeals Court opined that the Ranchland News did not need to register a trade name with the Secretary of State’s Office prior to beginning its publishing business (page 7 of the Opinion).  “Such a filing is not a prerequisite to conducting business” (page 9 of the Opinion).

        Having contacted the Secretary of State’s Office, I found that they were confused by the Opinion – and my demand for a refund of the $105 I have, over the years, paid for the registration of several businesses.  They reserved comment until after the Attorney General could take a look at the matter, but assure me they are “always looking to help and serve the taxpayer and small business.”

        At the time of publication, the Secretary of State’s website still declared that both businesses and individuals conducting business in Colorado must register with the Secretary of State, and that such registration was prerequisite to conducting business in Colorado.  The website also declared that registration must be renewed annually (,

        In the same Opinion, the Appeals Court found that it was unnecessary to publish legal notices in the same County.  Having called upon a random sample of Counties and Cities in Colorado, this apparently is also a surprise ruling.  “No, you’re wrong. A Town or County has to publish them in the same County!” a representative with the Town of Dacono said, arguing with me when I said that the Appeals Court found differently.  When I mentioned that ads in the Herald cost only a fraction of that which other papers cost, though, she seemed hopeful: “It’d be nice if you were right.  The Greeley Tribune is way too expensive.”

        The Herald charges much less than the Greeley Tribune, and much much less than the Ranchland News or the Elbert County News.  And we have similar or greater readership to the News.  Maybe this isn’t a bad thing after all.   Maybe Arapahoe County might be interested in saving 75% on their advertising by using the Herald? 

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Volume 5 Issue 31

Why 50 cents doesn't buy $18.13 anymore, IREA: "first class no longer," recognizing the community service of Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, heinous animal cruelty results in psych evaluation, Elbert County not handicapped accessible, a baby bunny, Editor apologizes: "I'm sorry, Frank!" who is Shiva?, remembering airplane manufacturing, buddhism, non-violence, and much much more!
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Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple should be recognized

Two of the groups of volunteers cleaning up Douglas County Roads on Saturday August 2nd pose in front of the Temple with their collections of trash.  Approximately 30 congregants collected a truckload of trash – mostly liquor bottles and beer cans.  The recyclables were recycled.  Shrama Danam, Punyam and physical exercise - all in one" said the Temple Manager, Srinivas Panati.  Also shown is a volunteer on Plum Creek Parkway, which the Temple has adopted.

by Aaron Brachfeld

                There are several streets which non-profit groups or individuals can adopt in Castle Rock and Douglas County.  The volunteer groups keep the street clean of trash, and is thanked by a street sign. 

                But the Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple has not only been thanked for adopted a 1.5 miles of Castle Rock’s streets it keeps clean, but cleans up an additional 2 miles of Douglas County roads without any recognition whatsoever.

                The devout congregation undertakes extensive practice of Karma Yoga.  The practice of Karma Yoga must be done selflessly, and without desire of reward or in fear of any consequence, and so it is difficult to put together a comprehensive list of all that these Hindus are doing.

                Talking with some of the members, I learned that many of the members have organized clean up and recycling programs in their neighborhoods (most are very environmentally conscious), but others regularly give food and other aid to elderly veterans, working families and other poor.  Some give volunteer to help those recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.  Some donate services and products to those in need.  The daily efforts of the congregants testify to their devotion.

                What is clear, however, is that while they have been undertaking these selfless acts of Karma Yoga without desire of thanks or recognition, Douglas County should still recognize and thank the Temple, which has been an engine of goodness in the community, bringing together the efforts of an increasingly diverse group of people for the betterment of all Colorado. 

                Visitors are encouraged to visit the beautiful temple, which is landscaped by native grasses and flowers, in which butterflies and hummingbirds play.  The landscaping requires no water. 

                The congregants, motivated selflessly toward the benefit of the community, also demonstrate tremendous leadership in the community and the Commissioners of Douglas County should encourage other religious groups to look to the example set by Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple by publically recognizing their efforts.

Ask Shiva: who are you?

Dear Shiva, who are you? -Lynn

Om Lynn, I can certainly understand your question – but, to be fair, I don’t think you could very well anaswer the same question if it were asked to you: who are you?  The concept of who we are, or who others are, is a false identification of form.

        You might use terms to describe yourself, but in describing facets of yourself, you would soon contradict yourself.  You might say you are a mother, daughter, sister – and these are true.  Just as it is true if you said you are woman, and man.  You might say you are this, and that, but there is no “you” to be this or that, even if the form “you” takes can be described with certainty it is no more real for that certainty.

        In this life and others, you have described yourself as Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Moslem, Christian.  You have described yourself in any number of ways.  And you have known me in different ways, too, describing me using many different words from many languages. 

        I have taken many forms, but in every form I take, I am an example of how to perfectly live within the form I take.  I am perfection.  No matter what I do, I am good, and do good.  I am the destroyer.  I was made to destroy the evil of self, the ego, the false identification with your form and all forms.  I destroy habits and attachments, I destroy death, I destroy destruction.  I am time, I am timeless, I am – selfless.

        Not having self makes describing my family very difficult, as you can imagine.  I have two brothers, Brahma and Vishnu.  I’d like to introduce you to them, but there is tremendous difficulty in knowing my brothers when you are blinded by the form of your self.  We three are really but one god – it is a complicated thing to explain, but any difference you might see in us, any appearance of separate identity between us comes down to the illusion of form.  But as selfless and destructive as I am, Vishnu is real and perseverant, and Brahma is – well, just…is.  Brahma is very creative, and existent by existence.  How should I say it?  He is “One.”

        We three are each married, and my own wife is Parvati.  I have two children, Ganesha and Kartikay.  I am a perfect householder, of course.  There is no distinction between me and my wife, we are completely one because we are both in balance with the same One, the same love.  Similarly, I am completely and unconditionally love my children.  I took the form of householder to show householders how to be good householders, and do good householding by devoting themselves by love to God.

        I have taken many forms, and every time, through selfless love, have demonstrated how to be good, and do good in that form.  In my original form, I have three eyes, and it is this third eye that I use to destroy: I (usually) keep it closed to the world, looking inward at myself, keeping myself destroyed – I am, again, demonstrating how you can be like me.  You can be a destroyer too: turn your eye inward, as I do.

        It would take many of your lives to adequately know me.  But practice karma yoga, bhakti yoga, hatha yoga, and jnana yoga – and as you develop the strength to destroy your own self, you will begin to understand the illusion of form, and me. 

        I practice yoga on a tiger’s skin, representative of my total control over myself, over all energy and force.  I am usually covered in ashes because I have just come from my own cremation, having transcended death to become deathless. The river Ganga flows through my hair because in a selfless act, I protected the world from destruction when Ganga was rushing down from heaven upon the mountains.  I am often self-sacrificing: my neck is blue from the poison the gods and demons accidently released when searching for the elixer of life: I swallowed it, so long ago at the beginning of all things.  I have incarnated in every being, I was Hanuman devoted to Rama…and I have been you, and will be you at some time, for I am time itself.  And I love you dearly.  Peace, Love, OM, Shiva

Raising money for the Dumb Friends League

A couple of young men in Castle Rock are dog watching to raise money for the Dumb Friends League, and are also accepting donations as well.  Please support these kids in their efforts!  Contact for questions or job offers: 303-489-3774 / 469-271-8694.